Checking and completing family trees

Research carried out on your own and its process can be a great pleasure. But such research has serious dangers and risks.


One of those risks is when, ideally, we only get stuck. At this point, nothing happens, we will continue to live like it has been so far. In worse cases, we find something, more specifically we think we have found something. But this thing can be a misleading information. It is a data that does not apply to our family, but we do not notice it as a person who is not familiar with genealogy research. In this case, our sense of identity is distorted, so we can have a false image both about our ancestors and ourselves.

Due to such a false or misunderstood information we will live in the belief that we know exactly who we are, even though we are actually far from the truth. In order to avoid such mistakes, it is not the best idea to get informed on the internet about our origin.

If you want to make sure, it is worth, by all means, entrusting the research to experts. If someone already decided to search on his own, it is worth to make sure. If any doubt arise about any detail or you are uncertain, or you just want full confidence, do not hesitate to contact us. If you get stuck after a while, it is still worth asking for our help as, based on our many years of experience, we identify exactly the problems, so we can check your research so far, and then continue from the point where you’re stuck.


Checking and completing family trees-Verificarea și completarea copacilor de familie


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