Certified translation

If you need certified translation to translate official documents in different languages, we will provide them in the following languages: Romanian, English, Latin, Hungarian, German, Hebrew.

Do you have many heirlooms in your possession passed from one generation to another, which, despite being an official document or letter, is a precious treasure? Do you know what is in them? Do you know their content? Are you curious about it?

If so, then it is worth to contact us for help. We can offer this service if you own documents in Romanian, Hungarian, German and Latin language that you would like to know about. This may be a simple heirloom left by a grandmother, or an official document, for example, a land register extract, state register extract, contract or a title of nobility. The average period of the translation is 1-2 weeks, which is greatly influenced by the length and content of the text.

certified translations-Traduceri oficiale


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