Romanian ancestry references:

Locuță family

We researched the Romanian orthodox ancestors of the Locuță family in the Hungarian town of Gyula and its vicinity.


György Radnai (Rosenthal) family

We researched the family’s Isrealite ancestors in Arad and its vicinity.


Dr. Botond Héjja

The ancestors of the entrepreneur born in Satu Mare were researched in the following countries:
Romania: the counties of Bistrita, Mures, Cluj, Covasna, Satu Mare and Timis.
In some branches, we also found ancestors in Hungary and Voivodina in Serbia.


Popovici family

We researched the orthodox Romaian shepard ancestors of the Popovici family in Bihor county.


Karvazy family

We researched the ancestors of the Karvazy family in Cluj Napoca. Their property is the Karvazy Ház (Casa Karvazy) in the center of the city.


Dr. Krisztián Nagy

We researched the Szekler ancestors of the entrepreneur in Budapest back to the 1500’s, as well as his Romanian ancestors to the 1700’s. During the research we found out that his Romanian ancestors worked on the property of earl László Rhédey, who was the great-great grandfather of the British queen, Queen Elizabeth II.


Gabriela Kanabe

We searched for the ancestors of the entrepreneur born in Miercurea Ciuc (the CEO of Color Point Advertising) in Harghita and Covasna counties.


Linda Kovacs, England

We researched the ancestors in Hunedoara and Covasna counties back to the 18th century.


Wilhelm family, Israel

We researched ancestors in Bihor and Covasna counties.


Aurelia Vlassa, Târgu Mureș

The Greek Catholic Romanian ancestors of the family could be traced back to the 18th century.


Enikő Marton, London

The ancestors were traced in Brasov, Maramureş, Mureș and Harghita counties back to the 17th century.


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