Collecting documentation for citizenship

We offer this service mostly to people outside the European Union who wish to acquire Romanian or Hungarian citizenship in order to become EU citizens.


Depending on the client, there are many reasons –  beginning with the facilitation of the acquisition of a European visa to handing down our cultural values and the respect towards our ancestors – to ask for the citizenship of the ancestors’ country.

Prior to starting the research, it is necessary for the client to provide the information available about his or her ancestors (e.g. their birth date, their name, where they lived, or, if applicable, their marriage documents, etc.). If you have official paper-based documents, it is recommended that you submit scanned versions to us (e.g. birth certificate, marriage documents, death documents, etc.)


The research usually takes a few months (2-3 months on average),

but there may be some complications, such as when the client does not know the exact place or time of birth of his or her ancestors, then we need to initiate a more elaborate research. It can happen that the place of origin was incorrectly entered in the migration document. This also makes our research difficult.

If official adoption took place in the past, but there is no blood relation, we can later be entitled to the citizenship of the adoptive parents. The time elapsed between emigration and the date of application for citizenship may make it difficult, but it can not hinder its acquisition.

It is a help for us and the research time can be shortened if you have accurate information, and especially official documents about your ancestors. During the research period, we may occasionally visit our client for additional questions or for clarification purposes.

Since it is obvious that we can only inherit the citizenship of our ancestors, this method does not allow us to obtain the citizenship of another European country.